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12 best apps to learn German - learn german online

12 best apps to learn German - learn german online

12 best apps to learn German - learn german online

Technology has made learning German easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable. You can learn German without struggling with boring textbooks and extensive bilingual dictionaries. With a smartphone and an internet connection, you can access high-quality German blogs and podcasts. You can watch German videos, movies, and TV shows on YouTube wherever you are. You can even listen to German music during your trip to improve your language skills. But probably the easiest and most practical way is to use apps to learn German.

The best thing about it: There are many applications for learning German on the Internet. If you don't know which to choose, don't worry. We have compiled a list of the best apps that are worth investing in.

12 best apps to learn German

1. FluentU German

This mobile application brings German to life with interactive videos from the real world. It uses video clips, news, film trailers, inspirational lectures, and other media to provide students with an immersive language learning experience.

FluentU aims to teach students to speak and easily understand German while connecting to German culture.

2. Rosetta Stone

One thing that sets Rosetta Stone apart from other language applications is its immersive approach to teaching German. Unlike other applications that simply translate words from English, the application trains students to associate words with images, sound, text, and video.

3. Memrise German

Memrise offers a different approach to learning. Although it uses memory cards as memory aids, it combines spaced repetition with mnemonics to optimize retention. It also offers videos of native speakers and content-rich courses created by experts in the German language.

4. Anki German

The name of the application already explains what it does: Anki is Japanese for rehearsal. Similar to Memrise, this app uses spaced repetition methods to help students reduce their study time and increase the amount they learn. It also uses memory cards and supports user-generated content such as images, audio, and videos.

5. Busuu German

busuu is an application that benefits from a large global community - more than 90 million learners and native speakers. It encourages collaborative learning by allowing learners to practice speaking and writing with the help of native speakers.

6. Babbel German

The babble app is ideal for those who are not fond of fun graphics. It has a very elegant design with which Google users will identify. Besides, it is quick and light. Besides the design, the app offers interactive dialogues and lessons designed by language experts.

7. German iStart

As the name suggests, iStart is a great app for beginner German learners. The progression of the 21 lessons contained in the application is a bit slow but it offers a deep understanding of the German language. The app contains a huge amount of material designed to make learning German fun and enjoyable.

8. Conjugation of German verbs by Brainscape

Most German students are faced with German inflections. The definite articles, nouns, and verbs vary a lot in sentences depending on the case, gender, and number. This app helps learners to effectively and easily break through German inflections.

9. Learn German by MindSnacks

With this app, you learn, read, and speak German while playing games. It offers nine games that have different themes like school, family, and food. Vocabulary, including sound recordings, is presented in mini-games to encourage spelling, reading, and the development of oral language.

10. Wie Geht's German

Wie Geht's sentence? which translates to how are you? gives an overview of what the app does - teach students common German expressions used in everyday life. These include social etiquette, greetings, colors, months and seasons, days of the week, food, and description of people, to name a few.

11. Learn German by Bravolol

This platform has a collection of commonly used German phrases and words. Its content, which includes sentences like "I'm fine", "Thank you!", "Nice to meet you too", "How many" and "A table for two, please!" makes the app a great learning tool for beginners and travelers to Germany.

12. DeutschAkademie

This is a comprehensive training app for learning German grammar. With more than 22,000 grammar exercises structured according to different levels of learning, the DeutschAkademie is an excellent option for students who already master German and are looking to improve their knowledge of the language.